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A tribute to doctors – A POEM

by Sripal Jain
In letter and spirit, we salute all the doctors

My tribute to Doctors on Doctors Day

It isn’t enough to write about Doctors at length
To save human lives only they have the strength,
Seeing so much suffering is in itself a huge test
Fighting against diseases without thinking of rest,
The disease may be contagious, but they are not afraid
They serve the patient round the clock, it has to be said,
During Covid they put their lives in danger, you may find it odd
On earth, only these Supermen can be compared to God,
It seems they have an abundance of compassion in their heart
Let us Congratulate them on Doctors Day and do our little part.

LockDown Musings
Ashok Mimani

Writer, Ashok Mimani is a close friend of mine. Though he may be in his 60’s his wits are at its 30’s. Its a riot of laughter when he is around. His puns are something not to be joked about. One cannot crack him on his jokes, for he will push another one down the throat.


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