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by Sripal Jain
Just a fountain pen

Writing has been a form of expressing ideas, dreams and emotions ever since human form started taking shape. From early writing in the form of cave drawings, depicting the sceneries and surroundings using a sharp edged stone, to the current form of modern writing instruments. Purpose of writing has not changed, but the medium has.

Above pics are from our family trip to Wayanad. Edakkal Caves is an interesting visit. It actually throws you back in time. This place is quite high on the hill and the top gives an amazing breathtaking view of the landscape. When you walk around the inner caves, you can actualy sense how the eary cave people would have lived in constant threat of being attacked. The walls depict their lifestyle. There are images of the supreme leader of the group among other depictions like the rising sun, A child on his mothers lap. A four legged creature which could be a wolf or a wild dog. My personal opinion, a must visit if you are going to Wayanad.

Now lets get back to where we are and whats this topic about. Its about writing and the modern instruments we use. We all write and its an involuntary action. But whats important is how to write right. The writing instrument doesnt matter. What matters is how you put it to use. Shortly we will share an sights on how to write right and the tips and tricks.

Lets write to create a lasting impression.


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