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Twsbi Eco T and Twsbi Eco Fountain Pens: A Comparison

by Sripal Jain
Comparison pic of Twsbi Eco and Twsbi Eco T Fountain Pen

Twsbi Eco fountain pen has been trending online for over a year when it comes to selecting top 10 fountain pens by user reviews and of course by the cost of it. But did you know why?

  1. Twsbi Eco series has the right balance and size
  2. The grip section has been good all this while
  3. This piston filler model has an ink holding capacity of almost 2.5-3.0 ML. This is humongous considering a standard ink cartridge holds about 0.7-0.8 ML of ink.
  4. The cap top and the bottom of the barrel are in a hexagonal shape.
  5. Comes in a variety of color options to pick one to match their mood or dress or just create a fashion statement.

What was the need to launch the ECO T series?

Eco T is an upgrade to the Eco family of the Twsbi fountain pen. The design modifications have been minor and more of cosmetic change to add new energy to the already flourishing model. But a major change has happened at the grip section. The angular contour of the grip has changed to accommodate and provide a better grip to the fingers. The new grip helps to hold the pen neatly which would be a blessing for beginners or for people who have just started using fountain pens.

Below are some comparison pics of the cosmetic changes.

To end, I would like to add, ECO T with the cosmetic upgrade is a welcome change and the new grip is a big bonus of beginners. TWSBI ECO T will continue to trend in the fountain pen circles as a go-to no-nonsense fountain pen.

And ya one more thing to add. These pens are available in all nib sizes from EF to Broad and stub as well. Along with a choice to select from over a dozen color combinations.

Cheers and enjoy your new TWSBI ECO T Fountain Pen if you have allready bought one. If its still on your wish list grab one now!!

To know more about the TWSBI ECO FOUNTAIN PEN or the TWSBI ECO T FOUNTAIN PEN, leave a comment in the section below and I would be glad to reply.

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