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Leonardo Speranza fountain pens

by Sripal Jain
Leonardo Speranza
Third and final “Speranza”, this time in a special and exclusive “Etna” ebonite
Leonardo Speranza fountain pen with rose gold trims
Leonardo Speranza with Rose Gold in special ETNA Ebonite
Leonardo Spernanza Fountain pen with rhodium plated trims
Leonardo Speranz with Rhodium Trims in special ETNA Ebonite
Leonardo Speranza fountain pen with gold plated trims
Leonardo Sprenza with Gold Trims in ETNA Ebonite

Third and final “Leonardo Speranza Fountain pen”, this time in a special and exclusive “Etna” ebonite

In continuation of the Speranza series launched earlier this year, Leonardo launches Speranza fountain pen in Etna collection of fountain pens. Leonardo is a trending fountain pen brand from Italy. Prior to launching Speranza, the Leonardo Momento Zero Grand fountain pen collection is a super success. The contours of each Leonardo collection gives the fountain pen a luxurious edge. Leonardo fountain pen provides the user with a great experience and memories to cherish forever.

Etna is the largest volcano in Europe and among the most active volcanoes in the world, it is rich in history and has turned 550,000 years old. It is a Sicilian volcano and since 2014 it has been included in the list of places protected by UNESCO.

The color of this ebonite reminds us of lava and Sicilian earth, the green of nature, and many other shades linked to this fantastic landscape

Leonardo Speranza Etna fountain pens have a very earthy feel to it. The Speranza collection is a large fountain pen but will definitely not qualify for an oversized pen. The balance is just perfect while in use.

Limited to just 30 Pieces in each trim.

Filling system external piston and black ebonite feed produced in house workshops.
Will be available in 14KT gold nib – EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.3, Elastic and Music

To know more on how to book, call us at 98840 61114

Currently available Leonard Pens are as below

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