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Parker Duofold fountain pens

by Sripal Jain
Parker Duofold Banner

An icon in the world of pens was born in 1921 – The Parker Duofold fountain pen.

It is discussed in many forums about the meaning of Duofold in the term Parker Duofold fountain pens. Some theory says it was named after an aircraft named Duofold. One theory mentions it as a pen that plays two roles “Duo”. The parker Duofold in earlier days was a pocket pen that could be converted to a desk pen simply by changing the additional cap sold along in the box.

No matter what the name means, it meant one thing for Parker.  It added great value to the brand and spiraled it many many folds. Today, a Parker Duofold is considered by every pen collector as an important model in fine writing instruments. Perhaps Parker Duofold is the most senior member of the parker pen family that is still produced there by maintaining its freshness. The bold design of the Parker Duofold is ageless and so relevant in current times too.

Parker Duofolds are fitted with an 18KT solid gold nib over a highly polished prescious resin in Black or red. The trims are usually Palladium or Gold plated. Interesting part is the traditional style of engraving the Duofold name on the barrel still continues which gives it a great vintage pen effect.Overall it’s a beautifu pen to hold and a great fountain pen to write with.

This is the Centenary year for Parker Duofold and we present to you the freshest possible Parker Duofold in two beautiful colors. The Avant grade deep red which is which has a summer orange feel to it and the classic black. These will be available for a short while as long as stocks last.

Key Features

  • Handmade and polished from precious resin
  • Engraved with the vintage Parker Duofold logo
  • High-shine Palladium/ Gold  plated trim
  • Solid 18k gold medium nib
  • Screw-close cap
  • Centennial size model: Capped Length 138mm x Diameter 13mm

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