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Ranga Fountain Pens from India

by Sripal Jain
Mr Pandurangan the master pen turner from India

You all read about my journey about Indian handmade fountain pens in the previous two posts. Here you will read about the end of the itch and start of a great partnership. But first, let’s know a little background about my new found love, RANGA FOUNTAIN PENS FROM INDIA

Around 1970, at the age of 15 M.S Pandurangan started making handmade fountain pens at a tiny hamlet Thiruvallur about 45 km from Chennai. The name “Ranga” is derived from MS Pandurangan. M P Kandan, the heir to the legacy of brand Ranga, under the able guidance of M S Pandurangan, has managed to give the traditional Indian handmade fountain pen a modern touch. Indian handmade fountain pens were always plagued with leaking issues and scratchy nibs. Unlike its predecessors, Ranga handmade fountain pens from India are fitted with German Jowo or bock nibs which come in various nib sizes, including the titanium flex nibs. Most of the traditional Indian handmade pens were eyedropper models i.e filling ink directly into the barrel. But Ranga, changed the concept to convertor or cartridge mechanism thereby bringing the brand on to the world stage because of ease of use and no issues of leakages. Ranga has been the center point of transition from the old to the new and yet retaining the old world charm of handmade fountain pens.

My visit to Ranga factory in Mid November 2019 was an eye-opener. Expecting to see a modern manufacturing unit, I was amazed at the setup. It was more of humble cottage industry where the prestigious Ranga fountain pens are hand made. The ground floor of the two-floor building housed some machinery and the raw material. The first floor and the second floor were their humble residence where the Ranga family handcrafts these beautiful pens. Makoba is proud to associate with the Ranga family and privileged showcase a wide collection of Ranga fountain pens at its stores in Chennai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad. To find your perfect Indian handmade fountain pen check out the collection. To experience Ranga pens you are most welcome to visit one of our shops. Ranga Indian handmade fountain pens are the link between the traditional pen making and the current convenience and perfection that matches some of the best world-renowned brands. They are the cross over from the traditional to the modern with the latest nibs and converters that are heart and soul of any good fountain pen. In Ranga, I knew my passion for Indian fountain pens will be found and will grow. Ranga is the start of the journey in the Indian fountain pens. There is a long way ahead and many more milestones to achieve and many more stars to discover.

You may also share your experience of your Ranga pen or your visit to the factory here. Be my guest.

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Mr M S Pandurangan at the table rolling the ebonite rods in to pens, his all time passion.
Mr Kandan the second generation pen maker, turning pens.

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