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Scrikss 419 Classic Piston filler fountain pen

by Sripal Jain
Scrikks Assorted 419 piston fountain pen_makoba

The new Scrikks 419 Classic Piston filler fountain pen is an authentic writing instrument. a limited edition remake of the legendary Scrikss 419 first produced in the early 1970s. The 419 legendary looks very much like a pen from the past but with modern finishes. The glossy resin and lustrous gold plated fittings add a lot of glamour to the Scrikss’ 419 fountain pen. It full fills all the advantages of a traditional pen, namely: Screw Cap, the ink level window, the art deco-inspired clip, and the piston mechanism fitted into the barrel of the pen. This pen is a true connoisseur delight and of great interest to collectors.

Writing sample of Scrikss White 419 classic fountain pen. Closeup of nib

The Review

The first impression of holding the pen is it is very light in nature, which can be attributed to the resin body. It is slender in shape and would fit well into hands that have small palms or just say the regular size. From the size of the pen, it surely feels to be liked by Asian pen connoisseurs as their hands are much smaller compared to their European or American counterparts.

Writing sample of Scrikss White 419 classic fountain pen

The Writing

The pen is seemingly well balanced once the cap is posted at the back. The nib is a nice steel finish with gold plating for the glamorous vintage look.

I happen to test the Medium nib pen with a Sheaffer Skrip blue ink. The paper pad used was a maplitho 80 Gsm. The Scrikss 419 classic piston filler fountain pen is ready to glide on paper. The writing experience is pretty smooth with great control over the flow. Even for the first use, I didn’t find any feedback or the nib skipping ink. The consistent ink flowing from the nib is my key indicator on the health of a good nib and feed system.


  • 23 K Gold Plated Trims
  • 23 K GoldPlated nib with Iridium tip
  • Length: 152mm / Width 11mm / Weight: 11.60 Gms


Scrikss Writing instruments are under warranty for two years from the date of purchase. The warranty refers strictly to any manufacturing defect only. Any damage during usage by the owner will not be covered under warranty and the part replacement fee will be charged by the brand.

I hope you can share your opinion and your personal experience of using this pen. Your inputs will further help the fellow Pen connoisuer to make a sound decision to purchase this Scrikss 419 fountain pen.

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