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The First eco-friendly pen by Visconti

by Sripal Jain
Visconti Eco Logical Pen

Every soul for once does wonder about the hazards to nature by using plastic in making pens. It is in common knowledge that the everyday use pens made of cheap plastic reach the dump yards. Is this the case in luxury and premium brands? I for one definitely feel its a rare thing for a premium branded pen to reach the dump yard. These premium pens are most often passed on to generations and become an heirloom or vintage sorts.

Visconti, a premium pen brand from Italy has thought a step ahead and created a line of pens that are eco friendly. Meaning no plastic was used in making the series. Bioplastic obtained from hemp plants is used to make these eco-friendly pens. Its a non-polluting material and very durable too. Plastic hemp materials are obtained from the stem of the plant The stem provides a high quantity of cellulose, from which a strong and flexible plastic is obtained by means of processing it. What makes hemp the perfect plant for producing bioplastics are its high quantity of cellulose and its low environmental impact cultivation characteristics. Visconti has chosen to make this eco-friendly pen, not so much because a pen can make a difference, but to remind us that all of us can make a difference ECO LOGIC is a pen with which we have chosen to write our future!

Visconti Eco-Logical series of pens will be available in three body colors. Red, Blue, and Black. Writing formats would be Fountain Pen, Roller Ball Pen, and Ball Pen. The cap would be a magnetic closure and trims would be palladium plated.

The Visconti Ecological Pen series would be available at Makoba shortly. In order to know more about the availability date click below link and chat now.


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